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Winery Tasting Verona - Half Day Tour

Hint of Valpo’s

The best way to taste the world of valpolicella in a quick and smart tour of one of our favourite wineries into the Valpolicella Classica.

€ 90

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Soave & Amarone

Meet the king and the queen of Veneto in one go: a tour through Valpolicella and Soave, with the best versions of Garganega and Corvina from the eastbound of Verona.

€ 120

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Giuseppe Quintarelli & Lunch

There is no need to explain how much Giuseppe ‘Bepi’ Quintarelli did with his hands, bringing Amarone to the level of International, world known wines. We’d like to share his world with you, from the famous Ca’ Paletta Hill to the new winery. We are also glad to pair for you his beautiful Valpolicella Superiore with a traditional lunch.

€ 300

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Romano Dal Forno & Lunch

Since someone says ‘Amarone’ we are pretty sure most of the wine lovers have thought about ‘Dal Forno’ in the first 10 seconds. We are so glad to let anyone enter his cellar in the heart of Cellore d’Illasi, on the eastern side of Valpolicella, named ‘Allargata’. Walking through the notorious ‘Monte Lodoletta’ is something you will never forget. And to complete your experience there’s nothing better than a Michelin Star Lunch to match his Valpolicella.

€ 300

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Sunday, Lunch and Tasting

Enjoy a lovely Sunday morning surrounded by vineyards, wine tasting and a typical lunch in one of our favourite wine Cellar in the heart of Valpolicella.

€ 140

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Tour of Verona

City, which with its charm has inspired great writers and with its walls has defended courageous medieval warriors. It is certainly today one of the cities, if not the most important, in Italy, as far as wine is concerned. And we, We are happy and honored to take you for a tour in Our motherland.

€ 50

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